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The Bakyashwri Sea Food Pvt. Ltd. is established on 13 March 2012 but before this it has a vast aquaculture experience for the last two decades.

During the Aqua farming it had used different types of quality products and observed their results. In the past twenty years of aqua farming it has grown up with the vast culture experience and the practical knowledge of culture technology behind a successful culture practice. During last two decades of culture, it has experimented the implementation of quality products in various conditions with various cultivable species and observed the different results.

Finally it has strengthen its practical experience and the knowledge of culture technology behind a successful aquaculture and attained the position where it can educate and help other aqua farmers with its experience and vast knowledge of culture technology and the ideas involved in the implementation of the quality products to have a successful harvest.

We are Focus

Being a lover of Nature, the Managing Director of Bakyashwri Sea Food Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Susanta Kumar Manna has the more inclination towards the laws of Nature and he believes that, live and let live. So he has decided to share his ideas to educate the other farmer friends and to make available the quality products for them. So that they also can have a successful harvest. For a successful culture harvest, it needs the proper culture knowledge, good quality probiotics and over all the good farm management. So our main aim is to educate the farmers about the recent culture technology, proper awareness to control the disease and then enjoy the successful harvest through the implementation of quality products like seed, feed and probiotics with the proper culture practice.

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Bakyashwri provide

The spot analysis of soil test pond water parameters test, shrimps health monitoring and also do the disease diagnosis and suggests the remidy. Also produce good quality prawn

Prawn Production

Prawn production involves Mature prawns from the grow-out phase are then used as spawners for the hatchery phase.

Aqua Products

we've provide Aquaform to those parts of India that mostly rely on aquaculture for sustenance and to promote healthy aquaculture practices.

Aqua Laboratory

We have a sophisticated aqua laboratory for the analysis of the parameters of soil & water and give the recommendation for disease control.

Shrimp process

Raw Shrimp Cleaning Elevator receives raw shrimps, and washes off the impurities from transportational process.

Aqua Farming

Aquaculture is the process of rearing, breeding and harvesting of aquatic species in controlled aquatic environments.

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Services that meet or exceed customer expectations result in customer satisfaction and expected Quality service being realized.
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